Shampoos, conditioners and a myriad other hair care products promise you a million and one things. But what they don’t tell you is about the damage they can cause over the years. Discover how all natural solutions can help your hair look divine and keep it strong, healthy and shiny.

    Feel good and look natural with stunning hair

    Whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy, hair reveals your true beauty and brings out your unique personality. If you decide to wear a new hairstyle or get a trendy hair cut, make sure you feel comfortable in it because hair is a tremendous confidence booster. Your hair is a natural gift. It is an accessory that brings out your inner beauty. So treat it with love respect and great care. Regardless of the texture, colour or length of your hair, remember the fact that your hair is absolutely one of a kind.

    Hair care tips for shiny, healthy hair

    Hair is the main feature that brings out the true beauty of any person and healthy, shiny hair is a symbol of a woman’s beauty. Whatever complexion, height or size you may be, your hair plays a crucial role in the way you look. No matter how beautiful you are, no matter which colour you use to highlight your hair or which make up product you may use, if your hair is not properly taken care of or given the pampering it truly deserves, your efforts may be wasted.

    Ways to add a naturally glossy look to your hair

    Everyone loves to flaunt their glossy natural hair. Now you can do it too, and you don’t need a huge budget to make this a reality. Because maintaining the glossy and lustrous look of your hair starts right at home.

    You need to respect your hair. First, identify your hair type and treat it accordingly. Hair is fragile so treat it with care. Don’t brush it too hard or brush it when it’s too dry or too wet because this may cause split ends. Do not use heating tools like hair irons regularly. Use such tools only if it is really needed. Also try to wash your hair with cold water since hot water will remove the natural oils.

    Understanding “Asian hair”

    Asian hair is quite exceptional mainly because the hair strands are round in cross section. It generally has a larger diameter than Caucasian or even Afro-Caribbean hair and grows longer too. Asian hair tends to absorb and retain moisture much faster than any other type of hair.

    The good side about Asian hair is that it is much stronger, resilient and less prone to problems. While most hair types generally have nearly five layers of cuticles, Asian hair has around ten. The thickness of each hair shaft gives Asian hair greater density. Comparatively, Asian hair also has the fastest growth rate. An average Asian sheds less hair per day than many other hair types. However, Asian women are likely to experience more hair thinning compared to Afro-Caribbean’s and Caucasians.

    What you need to know about shampooing and conditioning

    Two of the most important steps in maintaining healthy hair include shampooing and conditioning hair accurately. Shampoo plays the role of removing the dirt and grease of the hair while the conditioner helps retain the moisture, making it soft and strong. Therefore, you need to pick a good shampoo and conditioner. It is also important to know how the products must to be used for better results.

    How much damage can your hair suffer?

    Each and every hair shaft that we have on our heads has three layers. The outside layer protects the two inner layers. Shiny, manageable hair signifies that you have healthy hair. But when these layers are damaged you will realize that your hair becomes dry, dull and breakable. Taking care of your tresses will depend on the type of your hair, where you live, your lifestyle, and most importantly how you style your hair.

    Caring for your hair after colouring and ironing

    Hair is known as one of the defining characteristics of a human being. Therefore, hair plays a vital role in everyone’s beauty and appearance. It’s the same for boys and girls, men and women in any part of the world. Everyone prefers to have hair with more density. Many opt for modern hair cuts that offer them a different yet more attractive look altogether.

    How to treat hair problems such as split hair, dry hair, and loss of hair

    We have an average of 100, 000 hair on our head. When our hair is shiny, silky and thick it means it is healthy and is well protected from the sun, heat and chlorine. However, not everyone is blessed with or fortunate enough to have lustrous locks.

    Dryness and thinning of hair are definite signs of hair damage. A majority of us face various types of hair problems ranging from excessive hair loss, dryness, thinning, dandruff, split ends, and much more.
    Hair problems not only take away a person’s true beauty it affects the individual personality and self identity. Hair problems like hair loss occur due to the changing environment, types of food and age. Apart from changes in the environment and body, women today are increasingly following different types of hair fashion including straightening, dying and colouring. Even though all this is done to look good and chic, very few women understand that it can ultimately make them look bad.

    Taking care of long hair

    Over the years, hair fashion has changed and it has changed dramatically. Men have had their different hair styles over time but maybe not to the extent of women. Throughout history, women have covered their hair with scarves, fancy hats and bandanas. They have also curled and dyed it in unimaginable colours. Women have even straightened their hair and tied bows and ribbons in their hair. They’ve cut it short and they’ve had it long.

    A long layer of hair however is unique and is known to bring out the best in a woman. A lady with thick, strong, shiny and healthy long hair will always be at the center of attention. It brings out the youthfulness of women. But is having long hair that easy?

    Best ways of selecting and using hair care products

    Selecting the right hair care product is absolutely imperative. It can bring out the best in you or totally ruin the way you look! With increasing awareness and emphasis on hair care, hair care products have become a billion dollar industry. Both men and women the world over are becoming more and more conscious about the way they look, and looking good begins with a more than just good hair do.

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