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How much damage can your hair suffer

Each and every hair shaft that we have on our heads has three layers.  The outside layer protects the two inner layers.  Shiny, manageable hair signifies that you have healthy hair. But when these layers are damaged you will realize that your hair has become dry, dull and breakable.

Taking care of your tresses will depend on the type of your hair, where you live, and your lifestyle and most importantly how you style your hair.

Styling that involves heating products such as curling and straightening irons can even turn oily hair in to dry hair in case they’re used regularly.  Another common way your hair could be damaged is various types of chemical treatments.  Treatments such as relaxers, bleaching, coloring and perms could cause severe hair damage if it is not executed properly. These chemicals have the power to swell the cuticle in order to get underneath it. This will leave the scales prone to drying and chipping.  Bleaching and straightening will harm the hair’s protein bonds and weaken its natural structure.

Another common way of hair damage is the use of rough brushes, combs, rubber bands and other unsuitable hair accessories. Even though many ignore this fact as a cause for hair damage it is a very important fact that needs to be considered.

Blow dryers, straightening irons and hot rollers that are too hot can also damage your hair. It can easily crack cuticles and remove the water in your hair. Also keep in mind that chemically treated hair can be damaged very easily due to harsh environmental factors such as the sun and wind. The UV rays of the sun can reduce the protein levels of the hair substantially.

So while you try out the newest trends in hair styling to look good and feel good make sure that you maintain and care for your hair to experience the real beauty of it. Try to protect your hair from harmful chemicals, heat styling and harsh weather conditions since these are the most common ways of hair damage caused in today’s world.

Use natural hair care products to minimize the adverse effects of such chemical treatments and retain the beauty and healthiness of your hair.

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