Things to Consider When Purchasing a Matching Dining Room Set

    When it comes to buying a matching dining room set, there are all kinds of shapes and sizes to choose from. It can be quite difficult to decide the one that is perfect for you. It is, of course, important that it look great. However, it is almost even more important to make sure it fits in the designated space and that it can seat everyone comfortably.

    When buying a matching dining room set, not only do you have to be able to seat a number of dinners you intend to, you also have to make sure that there is enough space for people to walk around it. The table should be at least thirty-six inches wide; this will provide plenty of space not only for place settings, but also to display the food. Generally, as the length of the table increases so does the table top width, these are all things that must be taken into consideration.

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    Here are a few tips and pointers on how to go about buying a Matching dining room set :

    • 1. Measure the Clearance From Table to Wall

      Measuring the space around the room is very important. For your family and Guests to sit down comfortably and easily get up from their seats, it is recommended that you leave forty-two to forty-eight inches between the table and the walls.

    • 2. Measure the Clearance From Table to Furniture

      If you have furniture in your dining area, your forty-two to forty-eight inch measurements should begin from the edge of the furniture as opposed to the walls.

    • 3. Avoid Overcrowding Your Table

      Generally, when buying a matching dining room set, the manufacturer will recommend the amount of people who can be seated comfortable without the awkward elbow bumping during a meal. The estimate of eating space each person needs is around two feet. If of course, your table permits it, at the occasional large gathering squeezing in another seat could not be a problem.

    • 4. Round Tables are Ideal For Small Areas

      The reason that Round tables work so well in tight spaces is that the do not have any sharp corners someone may bump into. Due to its lack of corners, a round table can usually fit more people around it. If you can find a pedestal table for your small space, even better, this means more legroom. This is a great way to make a smaller room look more spacious.

    • 5. Match Square With Square

      If the room you are working with is square, a square table can make for a dining experience that is very intimate being as everyone is the same distance apart. It is also a great way of giving the illusion that the dining set is mimicking the room's shape.

      When buying a matching dining set, if you keep this basic yet important tips and pointer in mind it will make the task at hand a lot easier. Make sure to write down all your measurements and carry them along with you as you check out you matching dining set options, this way there are no mistakes made.

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